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Mobile Equipment Sensor Gateway


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Orange Mining is currently undertaking testing of the Thalamus, a cost effective and agnostic hardware solution to provide asset health monitoring and OEM data access on your mobile equipment. No longer will you be beholden to your vendor to access your asset's data or left to buy into their ecosystem. Ingest your asset health data into your existing platform or use ours.



  • Robust Mine Spec, IP 67 Environmental Rating

  • 9-36V Power input, protection against automotive transients 

  • Multiple CAN interfaces with support for the latest CAN FD and sensor power

  • Multiple serial interfaces (RS-232, 485)

  • Dedicated network port allowing you to BYO network (Use your own LTE, WiFi, dedicated radio etc.) 

  • Onboard production GPS with optional support for low-cost HP-GNSS supporting RTK

  • Onboard Bluetooth 5.0 

  • Onboard 9-axis IMU 

  • Digi XBEE header to support 2.5Ghz, Sub-1 Ghz and Cellar communication applications.

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