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Purchasing a mining fleet is a significant investment decision that typically lives with the mine for 10+ years. With mining associated with 50%-70% of the total OPEX, decisions of such strategic importance to the long-term profitability of the mine need to be made with all the necessary information at hand.

Purchasing a fleet is much more than just the initial purchase price. As an example, during the economic life of a production excavator, an operation will spend more than 6x the capital price in parts and maintenance activities alone. Despite the importance and ongoing implications of fleet selection, most owners’ teams have little specific experience, and undertake a limited internal process that fails to fully leverage market opportunities. This leaves tens or hundreds of millions in capital, spares, finance, and performance savings on the table. We make sure you get what you pay for.


The Orange Mining Team have conducted mining fleet tenders for open pit and underground operations worldwide. With our team having facilitated the purchase of over $510M (CAPEX) of fleet for open pit and underground mining, we ensure that each client receives competitive pricing on capital equipment, spares supply, finance, and the required level of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support to guarantee productivity and availability. 

Our unique tender and equalisation process ensures your operation selects the optimal fleet based on Equivalent Unit Cost (EUC), which addresses variances between OEMs in machine life, productivity, capital cost, finance costs, and maintenance costs. We look far beyond typical Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or lifecycle costing models which don’t tell the whole story. Each tender is equalised to provide an EUC for each tonne of material your mine needs to move. 

$510M (CAPEX) of Fleet Purchased

Currency and proven track record: OPEX + CAPEX: $1b of mining fleet. 

Unique process drives competitive outcomes. 

Unique finance agreements to optimise project cashflow. 

Executable outcomes: models developed as part of this process. 


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